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Man is meant to worship. It is hard to deny that simple fact. We have our gods and our altars, our religions and our strong beliefs. They come in a variety of forms.

Some are formal religious practices such as Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism.

There are other forms of practices we never considered to be a religion. Secular devotions can include a favorite sports team, social media, news feeds, instant messaging, the company we work for, choice of political party, medical, and lifestyle choices.

Anything that creates a meaning and reason to hold fast becomes a god that we worship. Be they ancient or recent, these things are important in the heart of man. And when there is a vacuum, man has the creativity to invent something to occupy his sense of importance.

Nations have banned the practice of religious worship throughout the history of man. Even there, the inventiveness of man innately knows that something is missing. They create forms of natural or creative ideas to satisfy the need to fill that spiritual side of human nature.

No governing body can wish away that innate drive within the heart of man.

Internal perspective

Even in our society, as the idea of a Christian nationalism subsides, we have substituted various forms of worship. Sports was top of the list at one time. Now it is political systems. In all cases, something or someone is the savior. The hoped for person who will come through in the nick of time to score the touchdown or rescue humanity from a disaster.

It is natural. And is part of who we are.

This portion of the site will explore the spiritual side found within the nature of human beings.

This page is not intended to sway anyone to a particular point of view. I am unabashedly Catholic, so the points of view will be based on my religious position.

It has no political agenda.

Its purpose is to point out the things that we all have in common. Our humanness. And our need for spirituality.

We instinctively need to reach for something outside ourselves. The burden to control every aspect of our own lives is difficult at best. And while we should rejoice in the differences we hold in our beliefs, we also need to recognize the singular commonality within each of man’s distinct choices.

There is more to man and his human nature than we have remembered, as distractions take too great a role in our modern lives.

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