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What is “dignity”? It is a nobleness of character, something that distinguishes an individual in stature or elevation of manner, culture, or state of being. A stat of excellence. It is something all humans aspire to, but feel as though they fall short of that expectation.

How many blogs exist on man’s purpose, how to find one’s purpose, how to make yourself feel important and that you matter?

The problem with all of this is that these sites, while well meaning, miss the point. The point is that we are all human. We want to feel we matter; it is important that we matter both to ourselves and to our neighbors; and we ARE important.

Society negates the humanness of man. It neglects to remind us that we are fallible. We are not perfect. We are all learning and, hopefully, growing in who we are and who we are meant to be.

More than that, we matter.

I am a lifelong searcher for my purpose. Finding who I am and who I am not takes a lifetime. Finding where I fit in the scheme of this life will take until I draw my dying breathe. But I am surrounded by family who will not allow me to give up.

That is a blessing.

We all have blessings. Those who don’t have support, you have support here. We are all part of the problem in not accepting each other and our individual uniqueness.

But we are all part of the solution, too.

It is my hope and prayer that, one day, this site will be the springboard to unite those who are seeking the consolation that life does matter; that YOUR life matters. You are important. You were created for a purpose, at this time, for something. You may not know what that is or who you affect in your interactions with others, but you and you alone can give someone else hope, be their guide, be their example, be their inspiration.

You matter. That is all that counts. And without you, the entire body of the human race, of whom you and you alone can affect in a unique way, will be less valuable, less viable unless you exist.

You are the cell in the body of the human race. You cannot strive to be anything other that what you are. So stop striving to be like someone else. Stop getting upset with yourself because you fall short of your high expectations of yourself. Love yourself as you are. Find out what your uniqueness is that is the contribution you make to us in the whole society of human beings. What you are, what you contribute affects every one of us. Losing you affects us all, no matter who you think you are.

You matter.

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