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unrecognizable woman sitting in hammock above mountains
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This portion of the site is dedicated to the simple life. Living in simplicity is difficult in the modern age. It is especially so with the intrusion of technology and global oversight.

Being human means we need to begin our journey back to our connectedness with our natural home. We need to start to unplug from the distractions that cause us to lose site of who we are. And we need to refocus on what is truly important.

I hope that you enjoy the journey. Join with me and a growing community of people, all striving to find their way back to the true meaning and purpose of life. It is a journey back to simplicity.

That journey can only be found when we remove ourselves from the illusory world created by advertising, media, and the digital input ruling our lives. We need to distance ourselves from those who seek to use us as part of their desire for power and monetary gains. In the end, have no lasting value for us or for them.

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