Ash Wednesday…a time for prayer and reflection

In our modern world today, many people think only about their next new thing to buy, latest fad diet to try, or the newest entertainment available. People buy new computers, new toys, new gadgets. They go to the best restaurants and fill their bellies with fine treats. But not very often do they think of… Continue reading Ash Wednesday…a time for prayer and reflection


YEA! All the excuses of staying on a good diet are eliminated! Today! Then 40 days (minus Sundays in the Roman Rite) suck. No sugared goodies. Nor birthday cakes. Vegetables, meats, some grains. And on Fast days, only one full meal a day. Planned starvation. Forced fasting. Good habits to instill. Bad habits to eliminate.… Continue reading IT’S FAT TUESDAY!!!

my walk from witchcraft…

As a kid, I was raised in a nominal Catholic home. We went to church every Sunday, got enrolled in Catechism classes, watched the unreal changes that took place from thousands of years of tradition into a totally secular religion, and back to the fight for historical truths and traditions that is ongoing now. But… Continue reading my walk from witchcraft…


Man is meant to worship. It is hard to deny that simple fact. We have our gods and our altars, our religions and our strong beliefs. They come in a variety of forms. Some are formal religious practices such as Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism. There are other forms of practices we never considered to be a… Continue reading Spirituality