When life throws you chaos

And turmoil abounds;

When there doesn’t seem to

Anyone nice around;

When time stands still

And demands loom large;

When people into your life

Take over your space

And act like they are “in charge”;

When those closest know

What makes you mad

But trigger you to prove that

Your sadness makes them glad;

Then it feels like complete

And total overwhelm

In a world that is hostile,

Filled with selfish people at the helm;

Inhuman, disengaged,

Narcissistic creatures all

That joyfully watch you as you fall.

Time will tell

When Truth comes clear

Who is truly right

And what will disappear.

For now be content

To take on all these woes.

For in the end,

The struggles are not your foes.

These make you grow stronger,

And the light will one day shine;

The darkness will go away

And peace will become thine.

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