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As the world gapes in horror at the atrocities across the pond, we shake our fist at God proclaiming all of this as His doing. He is responsible for such evil, and, as such, deserves to be despised.

But is that true?

We were created with the will to freely choose between right and wrong. We can kill with words, deceit, or murder. Or we can choose to be kind, love, and treat others with dignity. It is up to us to behave within the boundaries of our natural created state, or to choose to turn our face against our humanness and abide by what we define as reality.

Unlike any other creature in our world, man alone has the ability to choose between good and evil, right and wrong, follow his nature or create his own universe.

If any evil exists, is it really God Who is responsible? Did He not grant us the ability to freely choose?

Perhaps the true reason why evil abounds is because man has decided to go his own way. He despises his nature and how he was created, and extends that hatred toward all who disagree.

Evil exists because mankind has become selfish. Each seeks their own individual pleasures and desires over the good of his fellow man. Each rail against one another, trying to justify the unjustifiable, the unreasonable. And each seek to laud their weaknesses and insecurities on others to prove that they can control the world.

If evil is growing, perhaps we need not look further than inside our own hearts.

Is God really at fault?

Who did we choose to follow? He Who can do no evil, or the darkness that lurks within?

To find the source and summit of all ills, one need look no further than inside ourselves.

We must stop trying to blame the One Who gave us that choice.

Our choice can unleash evil. God’s Love allows us to choose.

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