victory begins in the spirit…

There is so much clamoring today as people chase the latest hero to save them from their woes. Political figures, gurus, pop culture idols…all of them. Yet none of them have the power to save anyone. Many are barely able to save themselves.

What isn’t realized is that it isn’t in the physical world that we will find victory. The victory begins in the spirit. We are spiritual beings housed in a corporeal body – intimately connected, singly and wholly one unity. That is what makes us human, created in the image and likeness of God.

Victory begins within…

It follows that our victory must, then, begin inside ourselves. In the soul. In our right relationship with Truth.

For if we neglect the spiritual side of our being, we will never find a way to live in this life fully satisfied, healthy in mind or in body, or be truly joyful in this life. Even during the hardest struggles in our lives.

The enemy must be first fought within. Those anxious thoughts quelled. Dissatisfaction with what cards we have been dealt. Removal of ourselves from the lure of material and financial gain. The reigning in of our lusts, bad habits, lack of self-discipline, and demands to satisfy our pleasures.

The victory must be won by letting go of everything...

And we must let go. For we haven’t the strength or power to gain victory over the evil that lurks within ourselves. It will consume us, and we are not strong enough to overcome it by ourselves.

Nor by the reliance on other flawed human beings.

We must give ourselves over, wholly, totally, completely. Outside ourselves. Beyond this realm we see around us – the fleeting mirror of what, more perfectly, is to come.

We must let everything go to the One Who created us. He knows what we are capable of far more than anyone in this life. And He alone can perfect the actions of our imperfect nature.

It is our willingness to let Him be in charge that will lead to victory. Allowing Him to be like a good earthly father, He will embrace us when we are hurt and pick us up when we fall. He will win our battles.

But only if we give every part of ourselves to Him to manage. He can’t help us if we are still holding fast to the reigns that chain us.

Victory is achieved…

When our minds are turned upward and our hearts open to healing, life looks differently. The hardships are still there. Money problems still exist. There is no magic is releasing everything to Abba, Father.

But what does change is the heaviness of burden trying to fix it all. Taking it to Him, we leave it there. What He requires of us is the trust that He will turn the evil in our lives to good. Whether in this life or the next, He’ll take care of it.

It doesn’t mean we just sit around and expect Him to do everything for us. We must actively participate in His Will. For our part, we do what we are capable of doing the best we can. Then any mistakes made in our efforts or flaws in our character will be made perfect.

Just because we are trusting Him to take care of everything.

Spiritual first…

That trust is a spiritual act. And it cannot be made imperfect if we truly will it.

And with that trust that our Father is in charge no matter what, then our spiritual victory will be made complete. Our enemies can no longer have victory over us. For we are fighting not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities in the spiritual realm.

Our bodies may die, but our soul will gain its eternal reward. Simply because we let go and let God handle it all.

The victory begins in the spirit. Then it is made manifest to the physical realm.

What victory is gained by one person who crosses the finish line makes the physical world just a bit brighter place. For each person touches the lives of thousands. And their victory becomes shared to all who is touched.

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