be content…

We can’t seem to be content anymore.

Our world has become filled with change.

Our hair, our friends, the house we live in

All fill us with such shame.

We live in discontentment.

But is this world our own?

Or has it been created

By those who we don’t know?

Those who crave power

Or greed beyond compare

To tear us limb from limb

To make us live in fear?

Or manipulate our desires

So we no longer see what is needed

But see only what we think we want

As the advertising is heeded?

Our cravings become our downfall

And our world becomes unstable

Because we think we always need much more

Of that which is only a fable.

Someone else’s dream

Promoted to get us to buy

That which is not our own

So they may gain and thrive.

But what of the man who buys in?

Does he find eternal joy

Or unmet needs and suffering,

Always wanting more?

Let us learn to live

With only what we need.

Simplicity and simple hearts

Are all that man has need.

We don’t need fancy houses

Or clothes all new and bright.

What we need forever

Is a heart that set aright.

For if we focus on One thing,

The Creator of us all,

Then we shall be content

And safe from any fall.

Our hearts will turn away

From lies and wicked deceit

If we fill our hearts with Goodness

And Truth of what we need.

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