you must keep on learning…

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You must always keep on learning.

Your entire life through.

For if you stop learning,

There’ll be nothing more to do.

For life is meant for growth,

Not for standing still.

If you do not wish to keep on learning

Your heart and soul you kill.

This does not mean useless drivel

Into your mind ingest,,

But soaking in the timeless classics,

That keep the brain refreshed.

Words and thoughts of old scholars,

Greeks like Aristotle and Plato.

Spiritual writings of the early Church

Like Saint Thomas Aquinas and Cato.

Ne’ery will you grow in wisdom

Nor expand your thoughts afar

If you seek to only find your knowledge

In the likes of Wikipedia.

Limited knowledge, limited learning

Keeps needed wisdom far at bay.

Without a lifetime of learning

You’ll be lost along the way.

Growth in truly learned wisdom

Makes you strong beyond your years.

No longer will you be misled

And driven into tears.

With wisdom you will forever be

Filled with Truth and Love.

With constant seeking Truth in life

You gain wisdom from above.

And that is something that no one can take from you.

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