it is real, or is it…part two of two part series

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This post came about because of an experience doing research this week. What came of it caused me to rethink the value of researching anything on the internet…This discussion is not really relevant with about 90% of the online information. But if it is a topic, such as diet and physical health, mental health, or other now politicized information, the individual who uses the internet needs to be careful. Read in the information, take it with a grain of salt, do your due diligence, and follow your gut instincts. Not what you are being led to believe. Your instincts are usually right.

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In the first part of this series, I was discussing the revelation of a disturbing trend. What I was searching for wasn’t in the search results.

I noticed that what the browser AI was summarizing was information gleaned from the most available content on the internet. And much of what I was researching wasn’t even listed in that content.

If content disappears from the web, it isn’t captured in this automated summary. And I began to have increasing trouble finding it without a very creative way of searching because what used to be there no longer existed.

A new level of concern…

For the first time, Artificial Intelligence was now in full swing publicly. Without our approval. And against the objections of the brightest minds in the industry.

Privacy is a big concern. But so is content. Because all this resides in the world of computer programming, all content can be directed toward one bias or another – truth over fiction. We’ve all seen this using Wikipedia – the dictionary of choice by the younger generation. Anyone can change the content, and no one will be the wiser.

Mostly because no one has the capacity to see if the change is accurate or not. Everything on the internet is fluid. Truth has become relative, and error is flourishing.

But it’s more than that…

Unleashed, Artificial Intelligence is now a usurper of content. What we see on YouTube is rapidly becoming artificially generated. Ditto with the written word. Our imagination. Our ability to discover reality.

And our ability to be human.

In other words, what we see is no longer necessarily reality.

And even more than this. The very concept of the search engines we use today are no longer up to date.

Enter the more robust and dominant AI search technology. Here is a link to an AI explaining how this AI search (called AIO, or Artificial Intelligence Optimization).

Hold on to your hats.

They will monitor what you search, your search habits, and even the content you will view.

It will, and has already, replaced content writing under fictitious names. Artificial Intelligence now provides art, creativity, and other very human capabilities.

And it can even clone you. Think what you do online is secure?

The things AI is currently able to do

Think again.

Think what you are doing isn’t breaking any laws? Maybe currently, but what if the goal posts change? Do you think what you did online now will pass the muster in a year or two? Just look at what is happening in the political sphere where past mistakes or beliefs are now haunting those who may have changed their minds as they grew up.

This is a new world. One we’ve never faced before.

There is something on the horizon…

It isn’t the content concerns that are the problem with AI.

It is the privacy concerns.

With the advent of new planned governance of our currency methods (electronic versus physical) – how we use a medium of exchange to purchase or sell goods, it will become very easy for those in charge to regulate the ability to buy and sell anything. If the programmed Ai determines that someone is not behaving in a way that is acceptable (whatever form that may take), it can cut off the financial ability for that individual to access vital necessities, such as food and water.

And much, much more.

Pandora revisited…

We have unleashed Pandora’s box. Now that it is unleashed, it is being used in ways that stymie the imagination.

Uncontrolled, like genetic engineering of our food supply (or gene splicing substances not naturally occurring in plants into the DNA of the plant), or blocking the much needed sun from reaching the earth, this takes our life on this planet to an entirely new dimension.

The door to discuss opposing views and scientific facts on any subject is now closing. Any concepts that are oppositional to a particular belief or scenario is becoming increasingly difficult to find because of a concerted campaign to narrow the players in any predetermined outcome.

But who is controlling the narratives?

AI is nano-second technology. Any opposition is quickly eliminated from any discussion.

As a result, it will no longer easy to make up one’s one mind concerning what affects our daily lives. Opinions and facts concerning any topic are now challenged. Opposing voices are quickly being silenced. By design.

Regardless of the topic.


There is only one solution to this growing problem. And it will not be popular because of the infiltration of our current technology.


Read books. Especially old ones.

Print doesn’t change. Content does.

And print took decades to change content.

The internet takes nano seconds.

Wait…what about online blogging?

If a person isn’t informed by sources outside of the internet, they remain vulnerable to exploitation. Using a single source for research results in results designed by those in charge of the content.

A mind should be formed by knowing both sides. But if the opposite view is no longer available, how will anyone be able to distinguish between what is true and what is false?

And when the truth about something comes out, will anyone actually listen? How can they learn not to believe what they were always told? The internet is now filled with single voices, single views.

People are falling into the abyss…

What is surprising to me is the amount of older people who carry their cell phone with them everywhere. It has become an almost indispensable tool. The ease of finding places using Google maps, looking up photos of plants and animals using apps, checking account information online, typing in a few words to find information that would formerly take hundreds of hours looking through volumes of books in a library.

The ease of technology has lulled us into a sense of complacency.

But with the advent of AI, fake photos and false news stories written by the software, what is there left to trust?

Or more, WHO is there to trust? Especially when everyone is reading the same script from their phones.

Learn your sources…

Find a way to vet your sources. Figure out how to determine what your are viewing is actually from a live human being.

And don’t trust the algorithms.

The social media platforms have been caught tweaking the desired feeds and scores on their own platforms. So, too, do the algorithms of Google and centralized platforms that feed the internet searches.

Study. Learn. Research.

And, most of all, don’t take the word of anyone just because you see repeating information in your search results. Just because it’s showing 1000 articles and scientific papers proving one concept no longer means what you see is truth.

You are responsible for your own choices…

And for what you feed your mind and soul.

If it appears online that the entire course of history leaned in one single direction, question it. Human history is replete with those who followed the propaganda of their age.

The difference today is that propaganda can be passed off as truth much more quickly than before.

And, being all plugged into the same source for information, more people fall for it faster than ever as well.

Psychology and mind control are used extensively in business marketing models. Much of this was developed through studies done at such institutions as Tavistock, among others.

And there’s much more to it.

With AI, it is easier than ever to sway anyone to think the way any controlling entity desires.

It is up to you to sort through fact from fiction. And it is becoming increasingly difficult today.

Especially if your only source for information is one that is controlled by a computer program.

We live in a different world…

The world we now live in is a very different one than we had just a year ago. And it endangers the very dignity and ability to live as a fully human being – flaws and all.

Acceptance and love only comes from one human being to another human. And it is a right due to you as a human being.

Something a soulless machine is incapable of reproducing. No matter how good the outward appearance of the robot. Or programming of the developer.

Choose to remain freely human. Your own dignity depends on it.

All of mankind depends on it.

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