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Time moves so quickly

At its own varied pace.

Sometimes it seems like forever

Until you see your face.

The wrinkles that begin to show

Where yesterday were none,

And pains in places never known

You’d really rather shun.

But time becomes so precious

When you think about the cost

Of living life so carelessly

No counting what was lost.

So when you find yourself acting

Like there is nothing wrong,

Think about the time that’s lost

And opportunities now gone.

Spend each moment of every day

In focused purpose and love

So that every moment treasured

Stores treasures up above.

For when your mortal body

Is finally dead and gone,

All that you will have left

Are deeds that you have done.

And never can you capture

All the time you’ve lost.

For every moment you are given

Are moments that you tossed.

So use each moment wisely.

You cannot gain them back.

For once they have been given

There is no room for slack.

Be careful for your hours.

You’ll see as you grow old;

The sorrow for time wasted,

The hours left grow cold.

Use all your time most wisely.

It’s given us from God.

He will judge us fairly

On how we spent our days

So let’s not be hasty

To waste that time away.

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