automatic weather warning…

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There are many advantages and strengths of the neurodivergent mind. Such as: finding details where others might overlook them; being hyper attuned to their natural surroundings; sensitivities to light and sound before the neurotypicals; etc.

But there is one you may not have thought of.

They are also great weather warning systems!


Days before any major weather phenomenon, there is an uptick in sensitivities and hyperactivity in every human body. Sometimes it is recognized, like migraines or getting more grumpy than usual for no reason.

But what about the affect on the neurodivergent brain? Not listening; demand avoidance; ugly attitudes seem to emerge higher than their normal behavior; forgetfulness increases.

Remember one of the strengths these wonderful people possess? Being hyper attuned to their natural surroundings?

Why does this happen?

Human beings are designed around electromagnetic energies. Our entire body interacts between cells and nervous system through the wonderful current that flows through it.

It is what makes the brains and neurological systems of certain people very sensitive to wifi signals and electronics, others cause even their watches to stop working or lose track of time.

But what many do not know is that before every major storm – and often even before earthquakes, there is a large amount of electromagnetic current that courses through the atmosphere. Animals will often pick it up and begin acting oddly. Cats begin racing around the house chasing unseen objects. Dogs uncharacteristically hide under beds. Even elephants heading for the hills before tsumani.

Us, too!

So, too, do human beings. (Although they typically don’t hide under their beds…Typically.) But being especially attuned, that category of individual typically lands in the realm of the neurodivergent. And it does affect some, but not all, of this group of individuals.

So if you child, friend, or family member begins to act unusually for no apparent reason – they slept well, ate well, aren’t sick, etc. – keep an eye out for something amiss that is coming in the natural realm.

Having an automatic weather warning system in your relationships is often very handy.

And far less expensive than a weather radio!

Except for the emotional trauma on your end that may ensue…

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