you are not just a label…

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It’s a sad world we live in that, in order to be accepted, we must have a label.

But you are not just a label.

It used to be that a person was accepted for their personality and character. Now, if someone doesn’t act like everyone else, they are ousted…unless they have a label to explain why they act the way they do.

I hate labels. It isn’t fair to anyone.

Yet, in order to “fit in” and be allowed to be who we are, we have to have a label. Just to explain why they are who they are. With that label, they are suddenly “accepted”.

Otherwise, many are shunned just for being “different” or “weird”.

We might not be friendly enough.; too shy; don’t hold eye contact; speak my mind; unafraid to say what I think; unafraid to point out obvious mistakes; unable to understand something that is supposed to be humorous because we’re too busy analyzing it; like being alone. Strange. Odd.

And, once found out who we are behind the initial mask, avoided.

We need to change that back to the way it used to be.

Accept people for who they are. Love them the way they are and for who they are.

Love them where they are at.

Then build relationships upon acceptance, not rejection.

That is the way to build up human dignity – the objective right of every human being.

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