Happy Birthday America!

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Happy Birthday America!

It’s been a while since I last posted. Many discoveries have become apparent. And some will be covered in upcoming posts.

But for today, Happy Birthday, America!

Unlike many nations, this country was founded on unique principles of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. However, not all enjoyed those principles.

Slavery in the form of physical ownership and indentured servitude existed from the beginning. The railroad and plantation owners alike wanted cheap workers to build their empires.

Many large corporations still use this model by taking advantage of unskilled or unwilling workers in foreign countries providing inexpensive goods for the sake of profit.

Everywhere on the planet there is hardly a nation anywhere in the world at this moment that has not been touched in one way or another of the capturing and enslaving of their enemies to perform servile and often unspeakable acts for the sake of greed and pleasure.

Usurping one individual for the gain of another is an unspeakable affront to the dignity of any human being.

But it seems to be build into our DNA. And it takes great effort on our part to recognize that deficiency and correct the problems.

But there’s hope…

Here in the United States, for the most part, outward, physical slavery has become effectively abolished. At least on the surface. But the enslavement of immigrants, especially children, for nefarious purposes is raising its very ugly head. And catching the attention of others to seek their protection.

We aren’t perfect, but we are still trying.

For now, we have the opportunity to see every human being in this country as another human being. Look beyond the appearances or beliefs, and see souls loved by God and lovable to us. Slavery and uspurption of others for the sake of greed or ideology is a continual fight for the right of every human being to live in freedom.

And, for now, we still have that capacity to continue working on fixing these injustices.

Today, let us take the time to share our love of each individual around us. Take the time to overlook their differences and learn to embrace them simply because they are human. Step outside your group for just this moment and truly see that each one of us is your fellow brother and sister.

And enjoy that dignity which unites us all.

That is what real freedom in our souls allows. And where empathy grows toward each other.

Happy Birthday, America!

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