you are loved…

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For anyone who doubts God’s love for them, consider this:

In the ocean of all individuals in the history of mankind, you exist. You live. You have your being. Uniquely. Individually. No one else on earth, throughout the history of man could ever replicate you, your experiences, your qualities, your skills. You are. And no one can take that away from you.

No one should ever be allowed the intrusion in your mind or heart of who you are by coercing you to conform to their desires or their images of who they think you should be.

You are perfect just as you are in all your uniqueness. There is no one else like you.

But do you really, deep down inside, believe that?

Within you, you instinctively know that you have a purpose. A unique purpose. It is something that all of us strive to know and understand.

No other creature in all of creation wondered about their existence. None ever even wondered. They just exist and accept their existence. Even in pain and misery, they just live.

Wondering is a uniquely human quality.

Instinctively, you know you are not an accident for that very reason. For nothing that strives to understand why they exist could ever desire to know why they are here. Right now. Today. At this moment.

There are so many self-help guides and books telling us that we are okay just the way we are. Even in our sinfulness and brokenness.

But none of them come close to the understanding of our relationship to the One Who created each one of us. For no other human being can ever understand fully their own purpose without knowing first their own.

And the God Who created them.

And none of them can ever know you or love you. Just the way you are. Right now. At this very moment. In all your hurt. In all your pain. And in all your brokeness.

None of them would accept you just as your are. Right now. As you currently are.

None of them can ever know you well enough. None can love you. For no other human being can ever truly see into the heart of another. Inside all their hurt. Their pain. And their brokenness.

There is a reason…always.

It is Providential that you are reading this right now. At this time in your life. At this moment.

You are loved. Even in all your pain and hurt. No matter the circumstance. Nor the ugliness you feel inside.

You are loved. Completely. Totally. Wholly.

And it is time for you to truly realize that, regardless of all that you have been through and believe about yourself, there is hope. Hope to feel those Arms wrapped around you, deep inside. A feeling that will never leave you again.

If you let it.

For those who strive to understand and to heal from the pain of living, I challenge you to follow a unique retreat that is now ongoing.

Even if you start it late. For there is no “late” for God. He can make all things new, even in a flash if he so chooses.

And He chose for you to read this at this moment. Not yesterday. Not in the future.


For nothing is too late for God. That is where you will find hope. And Love for you.

A Healing Retreat.

You are created to be loved. It is time that you understand that you are perfect. Just the way you are.

God bless!

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