people cannot be put into categories…

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The more science tries to categorize individual traits and personalities, the more they find people who fall outside their categorization boundaries. That is because science today forgets one major principal: Every part of creation is unique.

This is especially true of human beings. People cannot be put into categories.


Trillions of people have passed through the history of this world. Not one of them is exactly the same. Their unique list of 34 traits in the exact same order has never been discovered. Unlike any created thing done by men, it takes a mind without limits to create. And to create each individual with such a diversity of talents and gifts.

Man, for all his bluster, could never have even conceived of such a thing. Not even in his most technologically advanced “AI robots”. Each machine imitates their creator, gleaning off the data gathered from the trillions of data points in large data banks. They “learn”. But it is set by programs that enable them to perform an ability to use logic. That logic is based on that data they can gather.

Unlike people, they cannot reason outside of what they observe. Man is unique in that he can see the abstract and deduce information from that.

Artificial Intelligence?

Yet none of these creatures are unique. They are defined by a model number. Each can be “backed up” and “recreated” as needed. They can only evolve in a limited capacity, through hardware and firmware updated provided by the programming engineers.

These machines can be retrofitted, created exactly the same straight off assembly lines. Each start out exactly the same way as a programmed “blank” slate. But it is possible for two to be exactly the same if the backup. All one needs to do is transfer a backup copy to another of the exact same kind.

In a natural setting, humans cannot. Our bodies may be able to be cloned, as science has so deviously has determined. But our minds are still unique.

Each one of us has something far greater within us. And man cannot capture or recreate that in any of their most sophisticated machines.

The capacity to love.

And a free will.


When man creates something, he can only create it within limits. The thing created, even AI robotics, can only be created using a predetermined boilerplate – uniform and classified into neat packages.

Even when some AI robots appear to “rebel”. (They are imitating rebellion of humans found everywhere on the internet). The programmers were able to “adjust their programming” so they were unable to go outside predetermined boundaries.

Not all were so handled in this way, however. Many are allowed to continue to “learn” based on their limited capacity to “observe” and “absorb information” through artificial senses. These are the ones that programmers hope to usher in something they refer to as “transhumanism”.

Robots have no ability to figure out survival from the inevitable. They are not equipped with instincts that each living creature in the world possesses.


Humans are unique. Each one of us has to tolerate the differences in everyone else. For those who live within their own circle of sameness (those with the same likes and dislikes) will soon grow weary of the monotony. The response typically is one of starting fights or other forms of expressing a rebellion against the unvaried interactions.

We thrive on variety and challenges. For we are not meant to live our lives in a world where variety is shunned.

Missing variety…

A quick look at just the produce selection in our grocery stores will reveal. this. Even our food choices have lost their appeal.

Mono-culture, like mono-educational systems, have created a deficit in our physical and mental well-being. Supplements are sold to make up the difference for our physical well-being.

But that will not work for minds that remain unchallenged.

Think about what appeals to your senses if left to your own devices.

Notice what types of foods would you be drawn to eat if you had a choice. Would it be colorful? Would it have a variety of flavors, and textures? What about the arrangement of foods on the plate? Does the complexity of a dish inspire you to partake of the glorious feast before your eyes?

Or do you prefer to eat the same old bland, colorless meals day after day?

And what about the mind? Are you still absorbing the same subject matter day in and day out? Is the category of works limited to the same form and type? Such easy reads as mysteries or graphic novels, science fiction or science magazines?

Or have you expanded it to include a variety of challenging subjects in other media forms, such as books? Fiction or non-fiction works are rarely read by most. Works such as might be found in the Great Books sets, or historically relevant works like The Gulag Archipelago.

Choosing variety in every aspect of our lives rounds us as humans. No longer will we remain stagnant under the weight of sameness.


Challenge yourself to grow with the Spring season this year. See what things you can discover about both yourself and the world around you.

It is time that you learn about your unique self once more. It was something that was understood when a child, but became lost in adulthood. Recapture your visions and goals, your heartfelt desires and what you really desire to strive for.

Once each one of us began to work outside the home, we encountered the boredom of our jobs. To keep from feeling the pain, we began to fill our desire for uniqueness to accumulate material wealth. We craved the dopamine rush from simple discoveries. They became lost when we fell into a dull routine filled with deadlines and meaningless jobs day-in and day-out. Our dopamine rush had to come from somewhere. So it began to come from buying new things we really didn’t need. Instead, we need to remember the more creative way we used to enjoy ourselves as children.

Taking care of our uniqueness lies in each of us giving ourselves the freedom to embrace our specific needs. Those needs reflect who and what we are. It grows in what we feed the body and the mind. The understanding reflects back to those outside of us. It gives us the comfort and confidence we gain discovering how to work within our own unique boundaries and capabilities.

When we learn to embrace our own individuality, we can then embrace those who are different than we are.

Real charity becomes the norm, not the exception.

Live unleashed…

Unleash yourself from the world’s view of sameness.

We are all created to be different. There is no reason why any one of us should be put in a box. Yet we allow the dictates of the world to categorize who or what we are.

We aren’t blocks to fit inside neat holes of a puzzle.

We are incomparable to the best of the world’s latest ideas about what it means to be human.

The only thing the world has to offer is how to generate sameness among all of us. It begins with our earliest forms of education. 40+ kids are treated as if they all learn exactly the same way. It extends into the corporate environment. There we must meet some prescribed social standards set out by unseen hands from an HR department.

Apart from a common and indelible moral code. Most of those ideas are so that the expectations of each individual devolves into a kind of group-think mentality . It reflects only the desired outcome and corporate vision, not the individual input each employee might have to offer. No one who remains in such an environment for long will dare challenge the system. Fear of losing their jobs and income becomes very real. The spirit of monocracy rules our society. Anyone who dares express an alternative idea is ousted or berated for non-conformity.

But by treating ourselves kindly and honoring our own individuality is important. It will reflect in how we treat and accept those around us.

That isn’t something that can come from categorization of human beings based on actions or beliefs.

We are better than that.

And as a incomparable human being, that is how we should be. Recognizing each other, our individuality, and our dignity reflected in that uniqueness of each individual person.

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