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With the move, priorities have changed and been redefined. Family, new friends, self-care and new-found compassion. All have become highlighted now that our lives have settled down into a routine.

That and the desire to relearn what life was like before computers became my entire focus and job. Something most of the youth today believe is impossible.

Yet what many do not remember is that there were a lot of incredible advancements. Such incredibly complex engineering feats in short wave radio, marine operations, travel, science and engineering were all done without the use of computers. That also included space and air travel.

Like many, I am being drawn back to the simple life. And that precludes the use of computers. And along with it, the ever-deep rabbit holes we fall into trying to do any internet research.

I am also going to reorient the blogs back to its original purpose, which is the Dignity of Man. Much of the site will be cleaned up over the course of time. Unread blogs and uninteresting posts that filled the self-imposed weekly cadence hold places on this site.

So future posts will come when they come, while I focus on my love of simplicity and relearning old technology.

In the meantime, I look forward to your readership to continue. Please reach out if you have any specific ideas you would like to see posted. You can contact this site using the email address included on the Contacts page.

God bless!

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