the morning alarm…

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I grunt and look at my clock. Right on time. Every morning. Without fail. 5:26am. After pulling a nearly all-nighter on a creative project. Grrrrrrr! (That’s me, not the dog.)

“Okay, okay!”

Quick morning prayers, a fast “Gratitude” before I found my slippers, fell out of bed, and the day began.

I threw the dog outside along with her fellow canine for the rest of her ablutions. (She’d already given up a few CLICKY-clicks earlier and hit the pee pad in the hall, but there’s always more…) Then fixed the pet food bowls – cats, dogs.

One cat particularly likes to wrap himself around your feet. The more he wants something, the more determined he is to trip his human. This morning was no different. He nearly got his food on his head Somehow I don’t think he would have minded as long as he got his cat paste.

Finally it was over. Cats fed. Dogs let in and fed. Bed was still calling…just a few more minutes…


Maybe not. The little ones woke up, header baby screaming. For them, even in the pitch black darkness, they decided it was morning time.

Lights began to flip on and eyes were blinded. Crying and fighting ensued.


“BED!” I cried in a loud whisper.

More blubbering and crying as they found their way back under their covers.

Earplugs? Maybe. But the chaos in the other room says, “NOPE!”

Now I’m hungry. Double bummer.

But first, coffee.

I hate that morning alarm……

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