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I am reading “The Power of Silence” by Robert Cardinal Sarah. It gives tremendous insight into a world in which the power of prayer and silence changes everything. Especially our perspective of life.

This quote is especially poignant for our society today:

Indifference toward God is the root of one form of noisy rebellion. The latter is an illusion that consists of thinking that we can do without God so as to live better here below. Hence, God’s silence becomes an almost objective ally, the tangible proof of humanity without a Creator. In postulating that he is autonomous with respect to the divinity, modern man has reached the point where he no longer tolerates even God’s silence.
In this rebellion, there is no place for silence; I fear that the media interpretation of the vision of [the Church being defined as] the ‘field hospital’ [declared by Pope Francis] is part of this sort of rebellion.”

Robert Cardinal Sarah, The Power of Silence”

In this quote, Cardinal Sarah was pointing out that the Church is not, in itself, a “field hospital” to fix people and their problems. Instead, he was point out that the Church embraces all into Her loving arms. There, She is able to offer them healing from the pain of our current wickedness in ourselves and society. In Her, She becomes the hospital for the sick who seek help in becoming well.

But not for those who reject or seek to destroy Her.

Within Her walls…

In Her walls, we learn to discover our own faults and are taught how to fix them. The lives and teachings of Her Saints are especially helpful toward this end.

But even more, She teaches us how to stop looking at the faults of others. We learn to search inwardly, bumping up our own faults and sins against Her ancient guidelines. In this, we become free from blaming others and learn to love others as God loves them. As He loves us.

He continues…

Cardinal Sarah shows that those who call for unbridled activism, the continual call to fight against some opponent, real or contrived, is where we fail in our efforts. Instead, as Christ taught, we must let the wheat grow up with the chaff. In the end, in God’s timing, they will be separated.

We see this historically. The rise and fall of countless nations and tyrannical governments who seek to control their populace. Rome, USSR, Nazi Germany, even Greece.

But through silence, we gain patience. We turn to God Who longs for us to lean on Him.

Noise and rebellion are the devil’s playground. He stirs the heart of man to the place of continual confusion, hatred for each other, and the idea that we can change the powerful.

But in the heart of the man who is silent, nothing can touch him. And in the end, it is the silent – those who pray – who gain the understanding of Heaven’s patience. And we will see the fruit of it in the end.

For when all the dust settles, it will be the strong who will win. Not in might, for God holds no respect for war horses. But in being willing to serve Him and be directed by Him in the midst of the battle.

And in silence alone will we her His voice to do His bidding.

Then, and only then, will the noise and cacophony of our rebellious world come to an end.

Then, we will gain lasting peace.


Remain in silence during this turbulent time. Grow in the spirit of gratitude for what God has done for you.

Unlike the world’s way of “living in gratitude”, we must take into consideration the fact that we deserve nothing of God’s generosity. We are His creation.

But He gives out of love for us. And He takes away for love of us. He only seeks our good.

I encourage all to read this book. It is heady, but it a great source for meditation and enlightenment from a man who has lived under the harshest of governments and community. Yet he teaches us all just how good God is in spite of the sinfulness and evil that surrounds us today.

Take the time to hear His voice. In the silence of your heart; in communion with Him daily.


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