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Fr. Ripperger gave a talk on negativity and how it affects the spiritual life. Many people today, including myself, little realize how easy it is to fall into that trap. Nor what affects it has on the spiritual life.

There is only one true remedy for negativity. Charity.


God wills to give us the infusion of the Virtue of Charity. It cannot come from within ourselves. For all our efforts, being charitable cannot occur within us in any form of perfection without God’s intervention. We simply aren’t that good.

In order to do good, we must rely on One Who is Goodness Itself. Our human nature has been tainted from the Fall. The result is that we are, by that fallen nature, very selfish.

The Fall..

Through the Sacrament of Baptism, we have the the sin of Adam removed, But the effects of that nature remains a struggle within us for our lifetime. Without God’s help, any charitable act is tainted with a form of selfishness. Especially if it produces the feeling of doing something good for another person.

What is Charity?

True Charity isn’t about feelings. It doesn’t give a dopamine rush. Sometimes the act of Charity can actually be pretty harmful toward our earthly life.

St. Maximillian Kolbe is a good example of a result from a selfless act of true Charity.

Charity is kind, patient, endures sufferings without complaint. One who is infused with the Grace of this virtue embraces whatever God throws at him because he knows only good can come from all that is given him in this lifetime.


So starting today, think about the good things God has given to you. Even during the worst of times. What good things happened? What good things came out of it?

Sometimes, the worst times make it difficult to think of what good existed in the midst of any of it. A rape or abuse victim would find it difficult. But by praying for their oppressors, they find healing and light. And they become stronger because of it. (LINK TO ARTICLES)

And there is always something worse that could have happened.

For those who obsess about the apparent direction things are going, the desire to jump in a fix the problems assumes that the problems are there to be fixed. But what if they are there so you can intercede spiritually to turn hearts around for the good?

Then the future direction can be altered.

And if not, praying for hearts to turn eventually will take place. It always does. And, in the end, better things come to fruition. History is replete with such occurrences.

So today, think of at least five things in your life to be thankful for. Think deeply. It is more than “family, friends, and a job”. There is something in each of these things that you can specifically be grateful to God for giving to you.

Or taking away. Sometimes the best thing that can happen to us is the removal of something that was either a vice or was the source of vice.


So thank God for everything. The good, the bad and the indifferent. He is the Source and Being of all that occurs. It is when we rebel and depend on ourselves that we become negative. We try to do instead of be in His presence.

Spend 15 minutes a day to talk to Him. The world of Goodness will unfold before us. The negativity flies away.

And all the obstacles from receiving the infusion of His Goodness and Charity will be lifted.

Then, God will change your heart. And with your heart changed, others will want to follow suit.

That is how you change the world. One heart at a time. Real gratitude to the One Who is the Source of all goodness.

God bless!

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