has the enemy won?

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chess piece lying on the chessboard

Looking around, it seems like the entire world has gone upside down. Closer to home, there seems to be an increase in bickering, fighting, and internal warfare. This is most apparent in the nuclear families.

Nations are rattling sabers. Politicians are demonizing their opposition. Morals and ethics have become arbitrary. Personal opinions rule the day. Unless they go against the group think of the current standards.

The world has gone mad.

Has the enemy won?


For the first time, a definite line is being crossed. What was a daily family routine was growing slowly into a war against it’s very foundation.

Today, it seems like the enemy won.

I cried for two hours. The one who caused the problems didn’t repent. The one who backed up the cause didn’t give in. The session was over. I left in tears.

Outside the family…

It seems like that kind of polarity is tearing the human race apart. It is supernatural. This evil is using people who are tremendously wounded to believe they can control the rest of the world.

Everything from executive orders, to policies that will cause great harm to the population are enacted. The confusion for their existence and the constant drumbeat of fear through media outlets rule the day.

People are tired. They are tired of the fight. They are tired of the constant battles.

It is a hydra. Cur off one head and five more appear.

Will this ever end?

There is a light ahead…

A few more years of battle and it will be all over. The exact time is known only to God.

Our struggle is to stay afloat until then.

The only safety net is immersion in the Faith. What is real and unchanging exists within the bounds of the Teachings of the Church. The firmness and exactitude of right and wrong lies there. There has been no wavering for over two thousand years.

And it will not change in the future, for it’s very foundation lies in the teachings of Christ and the Natural Law.

Our Lady has promised that if we stay firm in the Faith, we will remain safe.

However, safety does not mean having no hardships. It means that, if we choose to stay firm, we will gain the supernatural help to remain with our head above the water.

The battle has already reached our front doors.

Stand strong…

The battle will not be won by our efforts alone. We need to get out of our selfish pride to think that we will ever come close to winning a battle that is determined to destroy most of humanity. We simply don’t have that much control.

And we aren’t meant to.

The battle is good against evil. Right now, evil will get it’s opportunity to play out the worst possible scenario that will result from its reign through flawed human beings.

As a species, we have chosen to pull tight the noose that is around our neck. We have been falsely promised security in the policies that have been enacted, and we willingly give up our human dignity and freedoms for the sake of having that false sense of safekeeping.

Those who have chosen that path are fooling themselves. And those who have regreted their choices are shunned by the very ones who imprisoned them into the false narrative.

The ultimate end of the Age of Enlightment…

What we are seeing is the end result of the Age of Enlightment. It was an age that began its foundational premise on the concept that God was irrelevant. The only thing that was necessary to achieve perfection and an ideal world society was man’s reason.

Every law enacted recently has been based on some person’s reason. When that scenario was shown to be false, it was immediately switched to an antithetical narrative. As if to negate the original decisions, the same people acted as if they never said what was clearly said – and recorded.

To eliminate the erroneous statements, the technology giants swept them clean from their databases and search engines. Those who were fortunate enough to capture the errors were marginalized at best, destroyed at worst.


Man’s reason can be good or bad depending upon what criteria it is based. If the reason begins with a faulty narrative, it will remain staunchly in that camp. Human pride doesn’t allow the liar to correct the lie.

We see this in children all the time. Caught in lies, they try to reason their way out of their position. If the parents are wise, those children will fail miserably in their attempts.

Left to their own devices, they will become the adults of today. Anyone who points out the errors are silence. And the spoiled children are ruling the countries and policies that affect all of us now.

No boundaries on children produce adults who wish to enforce their own boundaries on everyone else.

It is inevitable. Man needs boundaries. The Age of Enlightment removed the guard rails, and freedom is now in jeapordy.


Our Lady has been sounding the alarm for a very long time. She warned the Church especially to keep straight Her paths.

But those in the ruling class refused to listen.

Now we see Bishops and Cardinals clashing with each other on basic principals of Church Teachings. Those who want to world to influence the moral decisions and beliefs that have ruled the Church for over 2000 years are drawing a battle line between the two camps.

The delineation line is becoming very clear.

In an upcoming Synod, theologians and scholars will not make the decisions on Church teachings. Instead, those from the world and the laity will decide. In this way, the world and the laity will work together to ensure that the antithesis of Church teachings will rule the day.

The Faithful will watch the exterior Church become nothing but a hollow shell.

What will happen?

The True Church will go underground. The people who remain faithful will become the hidden class of society. The world will hate them and seek to kill them.

Just like the Maccabbees of the Old Testament. The Christians during the Roman Empire. And those who lived through the Soviet Union where belief in God was a death sentence. Like it is in China today.

The youth of today rant against the older generation. They call them names and think they are foolish. Little to they realize that age will creep up on them, and they, too, will become old. Just like the elders who thought their parents too strict just a few short decades ago.

Ironically, it is the old who are currently ruling the world. These are the ones who have infused the notion that the elderly are at fault for our predicament today.

It is the youth, in all their finite wisdom, who are not yet prudent enough to realize that fact.

Something is on our doorstep…

We have something terrifying on our doorstep. Several somethings.

War is coming. And it won’t be from Russia.

The United States is headed for judgement. We have committed untold atrocities to the unborn, and the elderly, the blacks, disabled, and even experiments done on her own citizens without prior consent. We have forced our selfish will on all of them for the sake of convenience. Dictocrats have foisted their will on the people for control and extermination. It is all done knowing that the victims cannot fight back.

The innocent…

Videos of Down’s Syndrome children and adults being forced to take the shot filled the internet. The world watched in horror. Recently, those videos disappeared.

No one asked these people what their opinions were. There was no opportunity for them to give formal consent. The officials deemed that they were incapable of making a choice for themselves. Even those who were holding down a job and making a life for themselves.

Children screamed in terror as parents forced them to have the shots. All in the name of the “public good”.

Yet these same people give full consent to perform life-changing mutilations on a child’s growing body.

Which shall it be? Too young to consent? Or capable to making life-changing decisions?

We can’t have it both ways.

The company I worked for had a lab come in to take blood samples of the employees. It was for a health screening to check cholesterol, etc.

One of the nurses made a very ugly statement to me. Her adult son, for his own personal reasons, refused to take the flu shot. She was very angry about it. Her statement on how she would force him to take it when she saw him at Christmas was the speech of a madman. “I’ll tie him down if I have to and give him the shot myself!”

What has happened to human respect? Remember the song, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” by Ottis Retting? It song todayt seems to have changed to “DO WHAT I TELL YOU BECAUSE I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO IS RIGHT!”

God is about to intervene…

There has been prophesied at Garabandal about a time of final grace. “The Warning”. It is a time of silence, when the world stands still for a moment. We are all to see who we really are in God’s eyes.

It is a time of final Grace. And it is a time for repentance.

And it will come after a Synod. Could it be the “Synod of Synodality” which will occur next year? The one which includes in put from everyone, including those outside the Church Herself?

When that time is over, those who have chosen to remain steadfast in their hatred of God will have their way.

For the last time…

The cup of God’s wrath is already overflowing. The response one makes to the Warning will be the final tipping point.

Then evil will have it’s last hay day. It will be a time of unbridled terror.

There is no rapture to escape it. Nor any survival tips to make it through.

One must just remain steadfast in the Faith.

God will take care of those who are trying. He doesn’t want His people lost in what comes next.


Tumultuous times will come. Man will have reached his height in arrogance.

But God will rise above him.

It will not be a time for spiritual weakness. And it will not come upon those who have begun to prepare their spiritual lives already. They know that the only way they’ll get through this is through prayer and daily communion with God.

Intimacy in relationship with Him will be their ultimate path to salvation.

Those who choose to ignore the warnings will pay the ultimate price.

That time is coming quickly.

And the time for repentance is now.

In the end…

The Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I leave you with a link to a beautiful song by Mark Mallett. It sums up the cry of those of us who have seen all of this foretold.

Prayers for the lukewarm to become blazing with the Love of God; for those who refuse to repent; and for our enemies who seek our demise. Those prayers from us to all go forth.

And what goes forth will not be in vain.

The enemy will not win in the end.

God bless.

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