the encounter…

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The grasp, the rush, the thrill of the moment;

The hate, the fury, the frustration, the love;

The peace, the angst, the disdaining, the joy;

The anger, the patience, the Grace from above.

What at present seems unbearable

For Eternity will remain;

Remember each one abided,

Your relationship retain.

Learn now to be reconciled

For they, too, will see God;

If not understood now

Will be the same in a heavenly abode.

Love and be tolerant

For the one who irritates you most

Will be your eternal companion

Amidst a Heavenly Host.

So cling fast to Charitable giving

Of self, and all that’s best

So in Eternal Glory

You will both find Heavenly Rest.


(Remember that those who irritate you most among the Brethren will be your companions in Heaven. Learn to love them in spite of perceived faults and flaws.)

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