the great sifting has begun…

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There is a great sifting that has begun. It is already seen in the cracks and divisions among even the closest relationships.

The visibility of those lines being drawn became more prevalent during the lockdowns. Families refusing to allow the visitation of even their closest relatives out of fear. There was a fear that was stirred up from a well orchestrated media campaign.

It was not the first, nor will it be the last time this has occurred in the history of man. But it is the first time such a campaign has been waged globally.

What is coming…

Irrational errors that are being promoted as Truth over the past several years. A great test to see if we were vulnerable and willing enough to go along came about when several times during our past lifetimes.

When war was being pounded in our ears decades ago, many young men were being called to arms to fight just and unjust wars. The use of propaganda became the norm. People were constantly bombarded with hype, right or wrong, to stir them emotionally into action and acceptance.

As the years went on, the populace grew weary of the fighting. But the desire to control them never wavered. Only the campaign messages changed.

Instead of fighting an outside enemy, we were being told that we had to fight an unseen enemy. Using stirred up emotions, people were whipped into a frenzy of action.

But against what? Was it all a lie?

Yes. But more came of it. Divisions. Infighting. Demonstrations. Wholesale destruction of economies.

But even more. The total annihilation of good relationships and fear of others.

What is at stake…

Severed interpersonal relationships was necessary to keep us isolated. An isolated human being can be more easily manipulated by the emotions of confusion, fear, and despair.

Every prison, every concentration camp has used such a technique to control and quell the populace.

It is cruel. And it shows a lack of concern for humans and their most important gift – their dignity.

What is coming will be far worse. It will incorporate the demeaning of those who cling to Truth. Especially within their Faith communities.

Those who identify them by a certain religion will no longer be able to be distinguished from those who are rabidly against all its foundational teachings.

We’ve seen this in the Muslim groups. Those who claim to follow Muhammad will sometimes kill those who also claim to follow Muhammed, but are not worshipping at the same altar of beliefs.

And it will come again to the Catholics. Only this time, those who oppose the unchangeable tenants of the religion will vigorously deny them and still claim to be Catholics.

This time, it will be from the top down. And the witness to the Truth within that Church will no longer be viable to a world which embraces all that is against Her teachings.

It has already begun. Those who proclaim the killing of innocent lives or immoral lifestyles appear to be backed by both Pope and cardinal alike. All against strong teachings of the Church.

The threshing floor is filled to the brim. And the separation of wheat and shaft will only get more profoundly intense.

Are you strong enough to resist?

We are coming to a time of entering the crucible of fire. The oppositional forces are standing outside the seeming demise of one of the largest religious organizations in the world. And they appear to be controlling the strings.

One of those forces, the Masons, have been repeatedly condemned by the Papacy over the centuries. For very good reason. They are antithetical in their very tenants of Faith.

Yet there seems to be a crack in the wall separating teachings from opinions. The concept of “relativism” sometimes to have been seen as being fully embraced by the current Pontiff. Especially when statements that seem to contradict Catholic teachings or water it down regarding choosing one’s conscience, even if incorrectly formed.

It is making it difficult to see the boundary lines of historical, unchanging Catholic teachings along the road to Heaven.

And local churches have embraced this idea, even with our avowed enemies.

Pray…deeply pray…

Pray that whatever happens, you be not decieved. Pray for Truth and Truth alone to be in the forefront. Not our truth, but God’s Truth.

Study the Catechism – The Catechism of the Council of Trent as well as the John Paul II Catechism of the Catholic Church. Keep those guidelines firmly grounded in your heart.

Times are changing, and they are changing rapidly. The winds of dissention are picking up and blowing every more fiercely.

And always remember the words of our Lord.

…when the Son of man comes, will he find faith on earth?

Be not one of the lost who find themselves outside the doors of your greatest Ally. He will not be deceived when He comes to judge. Especially at our own personal judgement at our death.

And the judgement is about to fall. God will not be long mocked. And His hand of justice will no longer be stayed.

Like a good father to his rebellious son, that which is coming is for our own good.

The cup of wrath is filled to overflowing.

Watch. Wait. Pray. Pray that nothing you do will be outside His will or teachings and you will not fall. Even when the winds of change strip away the very veneer of the Church walls. His teachings will remain. And His promise to never leave Her will not fail.

Even if it appears otherwise.

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