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I saw this sign and got the biggest kick out of it! But I’m not quite sure how to read it.

Is it that the dogs, children, and other animals are slow moving? Are they unable to process information at a rapid pace? Or is it a flag to drivers that there are slow creatures within the fenced area? Maybe to have the drivers slow down because of the animals and children in the area?

If the critters are all slow moving, is it in invitation to try to run them over? That seems rather fun to some, but, in reality, rather cruel.

But if they are just not getting it at the pace that life demands, that seem unfair to point that fact out, doesn’t it? Is it a farm that raises intellectually challenged animals and children? If so, why would they point out that fact?

A puzzle for sure!

But if it is to warn drivers that there are children and animals in the fenced area, why slow them down? Do these things suddenly leap out from behind a fence post and dart in front of the oncoming traffic? And why would they even consider such a thing? For fun?

Which reminds me of a squirrel back in the mountains of the Appalachians. It would jump out of its tree at oncoming traffic just for the thrill of bounding off the hood of the car.


But, then again, it was a squirrel.

So, back to the sign.

No clue. But trying to figure it out certainly was entertaining!

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