it will be the small…

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In 1998, I heard a small, still voice that spoke to me. “It will be the small communities that will save society.”

The tallest structure in town used to indicate what the people worshipped. In the not-to-distant past here in the United States, that tallest structure used to be the church steeple. People went to church to worship God regularly. It was the odd person who rejected such a notion.

Belief in the Creator was the very fabric of our society. We held values and morals consistent with the Commandments passed down by Moses. Athiests stood by the moral code.

But something changed in the past several decades. The banks became the tallest structures in the cities. Our focus of worship became centralized to money, greed, self, and jealousy of those who possessed more than we did.

Ill will…

Many nations over time had become envious of our country. We were once very prosperous. Most inventions in technology and true science came from the freedoms we enjoyed to invent new things and explore our surroundings. We influenced the world toward a better way of life and freedom.

And our society held on to strong beliefs. It was unthinkable 50 years ago that our nation would fall victim to the mindset so prevalent today.

There were tell-tale signs. Refugees from oppressed countries were beginning to sound the warning bells when I was young. But no one listened.

The populace was beginning to unravel. Unseen forces were bent on pitting one group of people against another. Just like in Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, and even the old Roman Empire.

Yet, here we are.

Relativism is now the norm. Objective morality is rejected.

God was recently declared to be dead in one of our political factions. They made a vow to remove Him from our very conscience.

We are being forced to recognize hundreds of gender identities that aren’t found in nature.

Rioters destroy businesses and even entire cities like Seattle, Washington and Oakland, California. They will suffer no repercussions.

Killings and murders are now becomes political fodder.

Our precious, innocent children are being coerced by doctors, teachers, and politicians into mutating their still-growing bodies. These little ones do not have enough experience or forethought to understand the permanent consequences.

A changing world…

Anyone who stands in the way of these new ideologies are cancelled, berated, besmirched, fired from their jobs, have their pensions taken away, or suffer unthinkable consequences. And it is only getting worse.

Once upon a time, a kindergartener could safely walk home without fear. Even if the school was many blocks away.

Today, those a little kindergartener is a potential target for the profane and unthinkable atrocities of those who reject the very idea of a moral compass.

What happened? And why are we so far removed from our moral roots?

And why is it that the very concept of human dignity has taken such a twisted turn toward such a dark side?

Taking an historical perspective…

Russia became known as the Soviet Union. It began scooping up countries that surrounded its borders.

This nation implemented a new social order unseen before. It became known under the guise of Socialism.

They forced churches to close. The only god allowed was that of the state. Anyone voicing any objections to their laws quickly disappeared into the Gulag, never to be seen again.

The free world began to recognize the dangerous influences.

We were now in a war without weapons. It was a war for the minds and morals of the world. The “Cold War” had begun.

Gulag Archipelago. Alexander Solzhenitsyn.This man brilliantly put together the entire history of what happened to Russia.

Spread of Communism…

The Marxist doxology spread to the more ruthless Asian country of China under the leadership of a young man named Mao Zedong. He wished the good of his people based on an ideology he gained from the writings of the Russian Communist movement.

The concept of Communism is the sharing of wealth equally given to everyone. Only then would everyone in society be happy.

The Soviet Union wanted to eliminate all competition to its ideology. The United States was the primary nation that stood in its way. We had an influence on the world that was unprecedented, and it struck a visible dichotomy to the world viewing the rise of communism against our prosperous society.

In deciphering how to dismantle its global influences, the leaders in charge of this new regime realized that they first had to eliminate the influence of the United States.

But we had a strong moral resolve and Christian influence. It would be very difficult to dismantle it.

The only way to accomplish this, they determined, was to infiltrate our educational system. They began with the colleges. Those graduates would then become the teachers, political influencers, and in positions of power. And the next generation gained the influenced of the retrained.


Through such classes as Psychology 101, the children raised with a good moral foundation began to question their beliefs. Subtly. And without the knowledge of the parents who paid good money to send their children off on their own to colleges they deemed were the best they could afford.

Parents sent these children off on their own without the support and ties to their families. They travelled far from home with no parental oversight to influence or monitor their behavior. And no one thought to look into what they were being taught.

It was a matter of naive trustfulness on the part of the parents. They didn’t see the changes to the educational system.

Even if they did, they innocently thought the changes to be minor. They didn’t understand the diabolical influences that would affect the morality and good behavior of their children. The minds of their offspring had become reprogrammed under their noses. They began to embrace something so antithetical to their upbringing that these children became the force of radical change to the very fabric of their own society.

Once the reprogramming of these innocent minds was accomplished, the heart of our nation became fully atheistic. No longer would God or His sovereignty reign supreme in our land. The family unit would become insignificant as the state became their authority. Foreign thoughts became the norm espoused as self-proclaimed “experts” told everyone what to think.

The youth turned on the old, trying to eliminate all memory of history from their minds. Teaching of any history became altered to suit the new mindset in the young.

And subsequently, any other generation to follow gained the same training as their predecessors.

Movement forward…

In the end, with no historical or religious influence to guide our youth, and parents allowing this change to take place to their children, the landscape of our nation changed.

Those charged to guard their young became more interested in bringing in increased income. They left children in the hands of those who now became “experts”.

The parents, full of faith that the school systems were just like their past experiences, never once thought to look into the curriculum of their children. They thought it remained status quo.

The plans of the Communists became reality.

And it hasn’t stopped. Naive parents just continue to shrug their shoulders and cluck their tongues, while their children become part of radical movements. “What can you do?”, they sigh.

These influences begin now at birth within the institutions of daycare. No longer does the reprogramming of young minds wait until college.

The Communists had succeeded in destroying the moral fabric of our nation.

Even our Christian churches have succumbed to the idea of relative morality. So they don’t fight against what is clearly not in God’s design.

Our influence on the world no longer holds sway. We do not have the strength and conviction of our own moral beliefs.

But it will not last.

In the end…

Communism/Socialism fails to take into account human nature.

Based on an ingrained concept within each person, the idea of the ownership of personal property is a non-negotiable idea. No one has the right to take from one person that which they worked hard to gain.

It also removed the incentive of any human being to put forth more effort in doing a good job. Why should a person pull more weight than someone less capable, only to gain the same reward in the end?

Human nature would put the brakes on such an idea after a while.

The hole…

The government should pay people to dig holes in the ground and then fill them up.”

Allegedly by John Maynard Keynes as a solution to the Great Depression

Long ago, I remember someone talking about a college that decided to run an experiment on this concept. They hired a group of men to dig holes in the morning. In the afternoon, they were to fill them all in.

The next day, a few of the men figured out what was going on and quit the project. But those who remained did the same task as before. Dig the hole, then fill it back in later in the day.

On the following day, only half the men showed up. They were to do the same work. Dig a hole, then fill it in.

As the days continued on, the total number of participants declined to the point that they stopped the experiment altogether.

I don’t know if this actually took place, but it does make sense.

Humans do not like to do repetitive work for no or worthless rewards. Instinctively, they see the request as unjust and stop participating.

But in a Communist setting, they are not allowed to quit. Those who refused to participate were punished. Often, that punishment was severe. They learned that they could by doing the minimal amount of work required just to keep from getting reprimanded.

How did it get here?

We founded on a concept of being a free and open society. Our founders gave us great leeway to allow freedom of thought to exist without censure.

But only within certain boundaries.

John Adams declared that this type of government could only survive if the people remained morally sound.

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

John Adams

However, being a nation that was open to new ideas and ways of thinking, we welcomed in professors who had a different concept of governing. They came in as progressives, under many different guises and through the borders of friendly countries to teach in our colleges and universities.

Those who gained their training began to question the roots of our country. They forgot their history, and began to embrace something completely foreign to our way of life.

And when the college students began to openly display their comprehension of these strange ways, they began to riot and reject any efforts of engaging in the ongoing foreign wars raging at that time. They refused to participate in the draft. And they openly rebelled against any form of legitimate authority.

Businesses were destroyed by the rampaging of the Weather Underground led by Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorn, and openly communist group, the Black Panther groups. They threw flammable explosives called “Molotov Cocktails” through the plate glass windows of businesses. Innocent people became hurt or killed.

The brainwashed college students became involved in the chaos. They began to rage against the wars that were going on. And some of the students themselves lost their lives by confronting by the police who were sent to quell the uprising.

As a child growing up in this era, it was frightening to be anywhere near UC Berkeley or any public college where the heart of this movement was taking place.

All grown up…

When some of those students became adults, they realized that the ideas they were taught were not in their best interest. Especially when they became responsible for their own expenses and keeping a full-time job.

However, most of them never learned that important lesson. Quite a number of them went into politics, never having had experience outside of the Washington, D.C. Beltway. Most never held a job or ran a business of their own, so their ignorance of how an economy operated was completely foreign to them.

They married and raised families, sending their offspring to the self-same schools that indoctrinated them. Drugs, free sex outside of marriage, refusals to obey just laws became the norm as the generations gained traction. And they fought to have laws enacted to ensure their licentiousness was legalized.

No one corrected the error of their ways.

Parents shrugged their shoulders. “They’re just teenagers (or young). What can you do?” And they refused to enforce the idea that they, the parent, were responsible for the upbringing and formation of their children’s character – not the state.

So today, those same people are now old and in power. They justify the insanity they were taught, and are trying to implement the same failed policies that caused such harm and destruction to the nation of Russia.

The Russians were able to finally shake off that oppressive form of regime. And they now shake their heads at us as we embrace what nearly destroyed their own nation.

Without history, we will not learn. And most Americans are ignorant of the past…a past that wasn’t altered to affirm a failed system.

It will be the small…

That still, small voice that spoke to me all those years ago continues to speak to me today.

Change comes in small ways. All movements start small. Communism and socialism started small through the brilliant, though misled writings of Emmanuel Kant and Karl Marx.

In every country that embraced the concept, the people under those leaders suffered. And those who opposed it were eliminated to prevent any uprising against it.

Who will affect that change?

It will be the individuals within families. The families will then influence their churches. Then the churches will reach out to their communities. It will be a grass roots effort by those who understand that this isn’t just an ideological issue. It is a spiritual issue.

The warfare comes as great cost. But it is a spiritual warfare, not a physical one.

The dreadful disease and rape of humanity by those who hate us can be stopped. But only if we are willing to focus on the sphere of influence within our grasp.

It is the enemy’s intention to throw us off course and focus on the bigger picture. “Change the President!” “Destroy the Constitution!” “Get rid of the major governing players!”

But what about the children? Are they still going to public schools where the indoctrination of immorality is raging? Have we had family time spent together, or do we all hang out on our devices and ignore what is going on in our own back yard?

It is time…

It is time to reassess what is important to us and our future. And who we can touch. Our children, our parents and grandparents, our grandkids and neighbors. Those are the people who count.

Especially those who belong to our family unit. All of them.

We have a terrible responsibility on our shoulders that we must be willing to bear. And it is up to us to bear it.

Our nation needs to repent of our dependency upon our personal comforts and pleasures. We need to repent for throwing God out of our national lives and once more put Him in the forefront.

If we want to regain sanity in this world, we must be willing to embrace morality. Not moral relativism.

We must be willing to embrace morality as reasonably defined in the Natural Law – God’s Law.

Perhaps we should begin by relearning just what those are and apply them to ourselves.

By becoming a living example of what is right, you will become a light in this darkening age.

Be that beacon of light. You are the only hope for the generations to come to regain traction back to a moral way of life.

In that life is freedom and peace. It is misunderstood by the masses. But something that, once gained, can never be forsaken for anything less again.

God bless!

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