fall days approach…

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It’s mid morning, and the sun slowly makes its way across the sky. The cool breeze has begun, swaying the neighbor’s swing gently back and forth.

Fall days approach.

Who notices the changes?

Farmers who work in the fields every day. The field workers gathering in the last crops of the harvest. Those home gardeners who watch, wait, and can the remaining produce from their gardens.

These are the people, especially the indigenous people, who have seen the signs in the sky, watched the changes in the sun, observed the unusual oddities in the environment.

But they know what the changes come from. They have lived within the infrastructure of the earth’s surroundings long enough to know when changes are to come. And the natural source of those changes.

People of the earth notice.

Who doesn’t notice?

Office workers entombed inside concrete and glass buildings. Those who are sheltered from any outside changes because of automatic climate control.

Lawmakers who tell us how to handle our lives, yet have none of their own experience upon which to base their requirements.

Those people who have not dirtied their hands deeply in the soil of the land.

These are the people who do not notice.

And they lay the blame for all environmental changes on man. As if man could change the number of hairs on his head or the length of days they have left to live. Yet, they blame man as the source of changes in a world far beyond their sphere of influence as the root cause of the earth’s evolving, recurring climate events.

Amazing the audacity, the pride to believe such a thing.

Notice the sun…

For those who experience the outdoors, without the conveniences of LED lanterns and nylon tents, they have seen and felt what is going on.

The sun has become like a magnifying glass. The ice caps are melting and the oceans are becoming desalinized and colder. People in those glass entombed buildings tell us, then immediately forget, that the oceans cause our weather to shift.

Cold oceans = severe weather.

Is man the originator?

Could man truly be the cause of such a cataclysm? A young autistic lady who sees things very much in black and white believes so. That is what she was told.

And so are we.


Plastics. Petroleum. The source of our demise.

Yet, only 50 years ago or less, plastics weren’t even invented. Bakelite was the first plasticide when I was a child.

And it sucked. If dropped, it shattered.

We had paper straws covered in wax, recycled glass, and burned our garbage, mostly made of paper products. The ash went back into our garden soil.

We didn’t have air pollution until I was much older. Only in Hollywood was the air was so thick in the Los Angeles area that I couldn’t breathe back then.

Filtration and scrubbers…

We learned a lot about the exhaust of petroleum based engines and coal power plants. And effects of the factories in European nations and the steel industrial cities that pumped out black soot as early as the mid 1800’s, coating the walls and lungs of those living there.

Scrubbers and controls were put in place to eliminate the poor air quality.

And the air became clean.

Yet we still complain.


I sat next to a young millennial in a meeting one day. He was boasting about how he was successful in pushing to eliminate plastic straws. It was going to save all the sea fairing fish.

But when I went to California, notorious for legalizing the latest environmental ideas, I was given a paper straw, and food covered in plastic.


The straw melted almost immediately in the cold drink. They didn’t coat it with wax to prevent the absorption of the liquid.

And the plastic? I thought they illegalized plastic bags and plastic straws – why was plastic food covering still used?

And plastic utensils?

I was puzzled at the choices.

A young Japanese man discovered a way to recycle plastics back into oil. No waste.

But that device has never been proposed as part of the solution to our plastics problem. And most people don’t even know it exists.

What is going on?

I won’t go into a political rant. It serves no purpose. Those on all sides on any issue are equally to blame for what is going on.

So I will approach it from a spiritual perspective.

The Last Days, not End Days, have been prophesied by cultures across the globe for centuries.

We’ve been told of the complete breakdown of societies, insane beliefs, embracing of lies, and power struggles between the elite. Man was going to be living lives worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.

What is going on that man has come to believe he can create a universe, can control not only the mind of strangers, but control the very minutia of your lives at any given moment?

In order to do all these things, there needs to be a universal bogey man for everyone to rally around. By submitting to the theory, implementation of control is so much easier. The populace would be already compliant to thought control.

Only not everyone is cooperating. And those who don’t are being silenced.

Psalms 63…

O God, hear my prayer. When I cry to Thee, deliver me from the dread of the enemy. Protect me against the malicious rabble, against the mob of evil doers. For they whet their tongues like a sword, they prepare bitter words like arrows; they strike the just in secrete; On a sudden, they shoot at him heedlessly: firmly they determined on their evil schemes; They remark how well they laid their snares and say: Who will see them? They they plot their evil scheming. Man assumes haughty airs, but God will rise above him. Their blows become like children’s arrows, and their tongues are made harmless against them. All that see it shall be amazed, and everyone what fear. They shall declare it the work of God, and shall acknowledge it His doing. But the just shall be glad in the Lord and shall trust in Him, and all the righteous shall rejoice.”

Douay Rheims

In the end, God has forewarned us what would happen if we replaced Him as God with humanism as god.

God wins…not man…

Man tried being god before…

In every culture, all throughout history, man has repeatedly tried to push an agenda to remove any spiritual component out of man’s lives.

And has failed every time.

Every dictatorship has fallen. Every oppressive governing body has met with resistance and outright rebellion, until those who tried to maintain power no longer could sustain their dominance over their populace.

But what about the Last Days?

It is a time of purgation.

Much like the days of Noah’s Ark, mankind has reached morally putrid levels whose stench has reached the nostrils of the Heavenly Court.

As man was purged in the past, so he will be purged again today. Geologically, it is recorded that this has happened many times in man’s past.

Only those self-reliant individuals who think themselves ready to survive will be among the first to go. God does not care for arrogance on either side of the equation. Any more than He approves of those who try to control His people.

The sun will become brighter. The poles are already moving (as I learned about years ago during flight school). And the weather is becoming unpredictable.

And it will grow worse in the coming decades.

Even scientists at NASA are starting to take notice.

For now…

I cannot worry about what is coming. It is not within my limited power to change anything.

Especially when there are those far more powerful than I in command at present. And God is in charge of them, not me.

So I will sit on my deck in the early morning, and feel the wind on my face. The swing will rock gently in the breeze.

And today, at this present moment, is where God Himself exists. It is here, in the present, that I will find Peace.

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