brain fog…

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My brain took a vacation.

To where I do not know.

I only know it left me

And ceased to say, “Hello!”

Today I pass in wonder

At what I should write

While yonder in the woods

My brain has taken flight.

So I decided,

Though tango does take two,

To go alone this time

And see what I can do.

I have to say in retrospect

That was a stupid move.

For while my brain was absent,

So was my scribing groove.

I waited a while in earnest hope

To appeal to my brain,

But while it enjoyed its freedom,

My mind was lost again.

A mind might indeed be

A terrible thing to waste,

But little did my brain care

While vacationing in haste.

So I am left in brain fog

With no way to restore

Whatever I was going to write

Nor a spare brain to implore.

So be kind to me, dear reader,

While my brain is afar,

Until I can recapture it

And keep it in it’s jar.

Until then…

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