the appearance of the Church is changing…

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The Church is in flux. It has always modified certain subjective aspects to the current society as needed. Such things as the length of time to fast before Communion or during the Lenten, are not objective teachings. The concepts remain in tact, but the rules may have changed.

But the Church has never wavered on the Objective teachings and Truths, such as following the 10 Commandments and the ways and means to do so. If God taught it, is isn’t going to be swayed, not even by the most influential politician of the day.


But today, we have a change going on from the top down. There has been an infiltration of the Church hierarchy by those who have decided that the Church wasn’t conforming quickly enough or fully enough to the dictates of the world.

The particular group or groups have come from many places. They are identified by documentation or speculation, but the fact remains that the modernists are now in charge.

We were forewarned about this from many saints in the past. St. Bellermine wrote of the last heresy, the greatest one, that would come against the Church. It would embody all the past heresies and roll them into one.

The name of that heresy is “Modernism”.

The last gasp…

This heresy is the most vicious of all. It expels those who cling to enduring Church teachings, throwing away all for the sake of embracing modern concepts.

The Bishops are afraid to go against the Right to Choose crowd in California. They continue to allow politicians to receive the Eucharist regardless of their mortal sins against the Church’s upholding of life.

Embracing and approving of Eastern Mysticism for members, formerly forbidden. No longer telling the parishioners that the Masonic Lodge, which has engaged since its inception in a war against the Church, is forbidden to join. Encouragement of the Sacrament of Confession is tolerated but no longer encouraged. Divorce is not only okay for Catholics, but they can receive Communion in spite of centuries old bans from the practice because of the mortal sin and scandal that can occur.

Laity cannot participate in the priesthood, in such areas as the distribution of Holy Communion, or reception of Holy Communion using their unconsecrated hands. Nor Anointing of the Sick, especially when the circumstances do not dictate such is necessary. (Listen to sermons on the roles of clergy and laity regarding the priesthood, consecration, etc. available on YouTube as well as

The Church has become a house divided.


“A house divided against itself cannot stand”, says Our Blessed Lord.

All the other heresies in the history of the Church were not enough to shake the very foundations of Her. But each, combined into one, has become an enormous enemy that is turning the Faithful in upon themselves.

Coming from the top down, the infiltration of the clerics, schools, and hierarchy has caused rifts where only small fractures existed before. Now the cracks are growing wider, the confusion greater, the teachings more obscured, and those who know the Faith trying to find places of refuge to flee.

It is a time of trial.

But this is just the beginning of the woes…

There is far more to come.

The papacy has been prophesied to become the next Judas Iscariot, the betrayer of Our Lord. He initiated the subsequent events that drove Our Savior to His death. Those who chose to follow Him became the haters next targets. The driving force behind it all was the love of money.

Today is no different. Those in leadership are afraid of looking like the opposition. They don’t want the targets on their backs which could cost them their episcopacy. And it could. They fear reprisals.

People live in constant fear…

But the question to ask is, “Why? Didn’t Our Lord say He came not to bring peace but to bring the sword”? (Matthew 10:28, RSVCE)

These men should be men of valor, not compromise. They should know the Faith so well that they would be willing to die for it. As their predecessors.

And they should not only give that example to the Faithful, but also teach their flock to live without the same fear.

“…do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.[(Matthew 10:28, RSCVE)

Walking on Our Lord’s footsteps…

We are walking along the same path as Our Lord. Already, we have begun the entrance to His Passion.

Persecutions will be seen again, as in the beginning of the Church. Many will die. Many more will lose their Faith and turn against their own household, becoming enemies of the Church.

But many more will be converted. For in times of persecution, there is always a rich harvest.

The greater the hardships, the greater the abundance of new souls won.

If the hard times are meant to destroy the Church, it will fail in the attempt.

For after the death of Christ and the assumed burial of His Body, He rose again on the third day.

His resurrection was in the beginning of the historical week at the times of the Jews. It was not on the Sabbath. It was the next day. Our Sunday.

We will see great destruction of our Church. It will seem to all the world that the final nail has been driven into Her coffin.

But it isn’t so…

For at the end of the appointed hour, She will be resurrected.

It is up to us, today, to teach our children the Faith. For they will be the great teachers of tomorrow. They are the gatekeepers for that time, just as we are for their souls today.

Take heed. A house divided cannot stand.

We cannot keep having one foot in the world, and one in the Church. We must chose. There is coming a time when that ability to choose is rapidly closing.

Choose wisely.

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