changes are coming…

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And they will bring us to our knees.

I’ve written a lot lately about being uncomfortable. There is a reason for this.

Even in our own lives we have had to make choices that are very uncomfortable. Uprooted from our comfort zone, the entire family has been placed in a situation that is physically and financially challenging.

Time for learning…

But with every change that takes place, it is a time of revelation.

Is there something that needs to be improved in our own lives? What do we need to work on? Better yet, what do we let go of so that GOD can fix us?

This isn’t a time for complaining. It takes discipline on our part to make us better. No body builder sits in their arm chair and waits for a YouTube video change their body into a fortress of muscle. A soldier cannot become trained to be better than he is if he is just told he’s good enough as he is.

It takes training and skill to become better than we are. And it takes the willingness to take on the challenge of being uncomfortable.

Changes are coming…

And if we have not already voluntarily take on the challenges, we will be forced to do so shortly.

What it will look like has been shown to us by financial gurus, futurists, and global leaders. It will be difficult for those who are used to doing anything they want, whenever they want. It will be a time of trial, and a time of control by global powers.

There will be no place to run, no place to hide. It will be total and reaching everyone at every level.


At least that is the goal. The picture they all paint is pretty bleak. And in many areas of the world, it will be that way.

In many areas of the world, it already is that way.

So what do we do?

This is a spiritual battle. Even though the victory isn’t yet visible, it has already been won.

We are just going to have to live through the fallout.

And it won’t be easy.

Evil doesn’t go away quietly. It takes revenge against the just. And the Just had better be prepared.


Pray. And I don’t mean just sit with folded hands and just repeat prayers or tell God how you want things to be done.

Prayer is a communication line to our Creator. It is a two way street.

We tend to make it only one way – listing our demands and what we want.

But that isn’t prayer…

Prayer is to ask for graces and strength to uphold our neighbors and those unseen. Millions around us are suffering because we don’t pray. Or we pray for the wrong reasons. Or to the wrong thing.

Prayer is designed to open the gates of Heaven. It is an unfolding of the spiritual gifts and victories.

And it doesn’t always go the way we want.

What is is designed for…

Prayer is designed to make us unselfish. When we communicate with God, we are not asking for Him to give us anything that is out of line with His Will.

And if He says, “No”, we accept it. We don’t balk and tell God is is being unfair. We can’t. As mere creatures, we don’t see the entire picture of what is going on in our lives or the connectedness of our lives to the world at large.

Prayer is designed to show God our willingness to lean on Him for everything. It isn’t to “fix” what we see wrong, but to ask Him to show us what we are to do, or to be.

People have told me that that prayer is useless. We need action.

But what good does it do to achieve some goal if you don’t have directions? And upon what or whom are you relying to achieve that goal?

What if that goal is all wrong? How will you know?

If it is another man and his goals, then you are doomed to failure.

Direct line…

If you want to know what is truly going on, ask. Then be silent. You will never learn if you don’t learn to listen.

And who better to ask that He Who is in charge?

Pray. Hope. Don’t worry.”

St. Padre Pio

Changes are coming. Are you ready? Are you sure? And are you praying to find out what you need to know?

Pray. If you don’t know what to pray, then pray the Psalms. Go through them, one a day, every morning. Get in the habit.

Then branch out on your own. Talk to God. Put a chair across from you and talk to God as if He were your best friend sitting in the chair across from you.

As these times approach, you will not make it through the changes unless you are listening to the right Guide. Those changes that are coming are meant to bring us to our knees. And they will in unprecedented ways never before seen in the history of man.

Are you already there?

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