dogs’ itching harmony…

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photo of large short coated tan and white dog lying on white surface
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During the quiet of prayers tonight, I happened to look over to the bed where two of our pups lay in the lap of luxury. They usually are sleeping with little doggy grins on their faces as they enjoyed the pillow of the human creature under their charge.

Tonight, however, they were performing synchronized itching. Some creature must have, also, synchronized their biting tactics on the same leg of each dog.

There they were. Biting in harmony on their legs. Noisily. Non-chalantly. And with great enthusiasm.

Not exactly something conducive to meditation on the Mysteries of the Rosary.

But, there you go.

Doggy synchronization.

Kind of synchronized swimmers. Only in open air, where we could hear every juicy undertone of their teeth and lips against their furry skin.


Children are a lot like that…

Whenever prayer time comes around, they have to be the center of attention. Like many adults today, their only concern is to have everyone else pay attention to THEM.

Forget about God. Forget about the needs of anyone else. And forget about the quietness required to focus on prayer.

A lot like politicians.

But I digress…

We were speaking of dogs.

When prayers are over, and harmony restored, the dogs slumber in peace on the pillow of the human owner.

All slobbering and biting cease.

And bed time can be finally achieved in peace.

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