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Suffering. It’s something none of us like to endure. We all instinctively try to run from it. And we questions the reason for its existence

Suffering. It has a purpose. It is a spiritual one. And it is a necessary one. One to which the purpose holds the greatest gift deep within its pain.

That gift is virtue. Not just any virtue. All the virtues.

The gift…

Diamonds are not brilliant straight out of the ground. In fact, they are dull, lifeless rocks with no clarity displayed on its ugly gray features.

In order for the rock to become something spectacular, it must endure cutting away of the dross to reveal the stone. That stone must then be cut precisely and endure roughness rubbed upon its cut surfaces in order for it to shine.

Gold and silver cannot be purified into the precious metals we use for trade and jewelry until they are refined in fire and the dross poured off.


And character cannot be built without hardships. If there were no difficulties in life, there would be no reason to work at trying harder, pushing more, reaching for the stars.

What you are comes from experiences in life. And often those experiences come from pain.


In the same way, virtue cannot be gained unless we embrace the suffering. We must let go of the anger at not being in control. And also the fear of what might happen or is happening to us. And we must release all natural rebellion against the pain of suffering.

We must let it all go and accept the suffering.

What we cling to, that we become.

If we cling to the pain and anger, we will become someone who inflicts pain on others. We will become angry that things don’t go our way.

If we cling to rebellion against that which is inflicted seemingly without cause, we will be always without peace. No matter whether from man or other outside influences.


When we realize that there is a greater good at stake – that greater good being the condition and salvation of our immortal souls – we will begin to embrace suffering. That suffering helps to illuminate and remove the dross that comes to the surface during those times of suffering.

If we are to gain peace in our lives, we must be willing to remove the rebellion against suffering. No matter what happens or how it occurs.

We cannot achieve this on our own. It is a willingness to cooperate with that suffering. No matter the form it comes in. No matter how great or small it may be. When we view it in the correct perspective, we will embrace – and even seek out – suffering for its own sake. In that, we seek suffering for the sake of perfecting ourselves. It is then that we becoming more willing to do what God asks of us. No matter what.

We will no longer shrink from suffering. It will remove our rebellion. And we will no longer question the reason for its existence in our lives.

We are far from perfect. This is the means to gain greater perfection. Greater virtue.

And we will gain abundant joy in the process – and at our eternal end.

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