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Have you ever wondered what is in the mind of God?

He created us in His image, but we are not like Him enough to understand His ways.

We are both His servant, and His children. He wants our obedience through our love of Him, and He will give us everything we need if we but ask. Even if the answer is “No” because He knows it will not be in our best spiritual, eternal interest.

Yet we are so unlike Him in our rebellion against Him.

What is in the mind of God?

He chided Job when he was afflicted so harshly. The man lost all his children, his belongings, and his wealth.

Even most of his friends walked away.

Yet he was a righteous man in the sight of God.

His afflictions weren’t due to his rebellion against God, or any sin.

Job was being tested because God was proving his worth.

Even with all the trials, Job’s response proved that he was a righteous man.

His last days were more bitter than his first. He lost nearly everything dear to him.

Yet he remained steadfast in his righteousness. And, in the end, was restored more than he lost.

But why was he tried so harshly?

The greater the trials, the greater the Graces. The greater the Graces, the more the opportunity to increase virtues.

God is never unjust in His ways. Yet those who see life in a limited perspective and caught in the created element of time, cannot see the entire overview of what is going on.

It often isn’t until the period of trials are over that we see the reason for our hardship. Sometimes we will never know until we die.

But some of the time it is to break us of something to which continue to cling. At other times it is to just strengthen us in doing good.


The greatest of the saints, such as Saint John Vianny and St Padre Pio, often encountered violent, physical attacks from the enemy. Their effectiveness in spiritual warfare often led them into battles that left them beaten and exhausted.

Yet, they kept picking themselves up and re-entering into the fray.


Because they, sharing in a small piece of God’s nature, loved and longed for the salvation of souls. They would fight the enemy in prayer, and because of their virtuous lives, would often come out bloodied but victorious.

Our ways are not His ways…

But if we believe that God knows what He is doing, and we accept the trials we are undergoing are for our good, we will reach the next level of spiritual victory.

The harder the battle, the greater the victory.

Even if, to the world, the victory appears to be a loss.

It is what counts in the long run – the eternal long-run – that matters.

And the everlasting gains are far greater than any losses we can ever have in this life.

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