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Throw the ball and the dog will fetch it. Toss it again and it will go after it once more. And sometimes it will throw the ball itself just to chase after it.

Did you know babies do that, too?

I never did.

Until now.

Header baby was screaming and crying through the first part of family prayers. Then his older brother got the brilliant idea to bounce the cat toy.

It caught header baby’s attention.

He raced on all fours to the bouncing prize. Then he caught it…and threw it…and chased after it.

When he began to cry, his brother bounced the toy again.

This time, the baby had competition. The cat, not to be outdone by a kid, went after the toy.

So header baby went up to the cat…and laid on him.

The cat squirmed out from under the child and decided not to play.

Then the toy went near the old grumpy dog. Header baby has finally learned that the dog will snarl at him if he’s too close.

So he began to cry.

Older brother to the rescue! Again!

Tada! Ball tossed. Baby chases.

Fetch, boy! Fetch!

And the game begins all over again.

Throw. Chase. Fetch.

I never thought I’d use those terms for a baby.

Now I do.

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