I live with a computer…

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I live with a computer.

It isn’t very nice.

At night when I am sleeping

It opens up its eye(s).

The darkest night is shattered

When it raises its ugly head

And the peaceful stillness of evening

Changes from my bed.

For just the briefest moment

The darkness of the night

Is no longer darkest

But suddenly becomes bright light.

That brilliant light from hell

Disturbs my sleep just so

And makes me want to kill it

When it thrusts its glancing blow.

But alas, I let it live

Even if for one more day

Because my tiny blog site

Inside its chip doth lay.

So, my hateful computer,

Filled with vengeance and a will,

Be grateful for your survival

Lest junkyard space you fill.

(And, yes. I could move it out of my bedroom, but that only works when you have a working space in the world outside the bedroom/office door.)

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