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Have you ever had those days when you just had no motivation to do anything? You get up tired. You drink the ubiquitous cup of coffee with no results. It’s gloomy outside. The kids are bouncing off the wall.

But you have absolutely no motivation to do anything. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Today is one of those days. It looks like the skies are about to open and flood the world. We’ve been working full bore on projects around the house.

And now everything is at a standstill.


Sometimes the body is trying to tell us something. When we’ve been working hard for a long period of time, sometimes it just needs a break.

Doctors give us pills to give us energy or get us out of a slump.

But the reality is that most of us aren’t lacking whatever is in the drug. More often, it is a lack in something within us.


What could be lacking?

Perhaps it’s that the goals we set for ourselves are too high…or not enough. Or maybe we decided to eat tons of chocolate and sweets for days on end, then wonder why we don’t feel so well or energetic for days after.

Or maybe we have been working really hard and just need a rest.

Tune in…

We need to learn to tune in to our bodies and our minds.

Where is our head at? Are we having a pity party because a project flopped, or someone told us we were wrong?

Is our body craving something nutritionally sound and we are ignoring it? Our bodies do tell us what they need if we would stop and listen.

Take time…

If you get into a funk, take the time to listen to what is going on inside of you.Or you’ve gotten your body chemistry out of whack. Take the next few days to correct the lack of good nutrition and water.

If you are telling yourself that everything is wrong, you are a failure, your boss sucks, life isn’t as good as you want it to be, someone else is bothering you, or preventing you from moving forward, perhaps it isn’t reality.

Take the time to reassess where you are at. Give yourself a few days to turn it around.

You will, in the end, regain momentum. And the world will look just a little brighter when you weather the storm.

Usually, the reason for the slump is that you made your life too complicated. So take the time to rest. The only tasks today are simple ones. Read a book, eat balanced meals, turn off the cell phone and distractions.

Just drink in what is around you.

And take time to reconnect with nature. It is the great equalizer.

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