baby jail…

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There comes a time in every baby’s life when they experience the dreaded “Baby Jail”.

When crawling around under foot, playing with items of questionable durability, or just generally screaming for no particular reason while tracking down their selected older person (who is usually busy trying to do something), these tiny terrorists will find themselves locked up in Baby Jail.

What, may you ask, is a Baby Jail? It is typically a playpen filled with favored toys, a full bottle, and loads of eye-level entertainment. They are not left by themselves (unless the favored person must leave the room for a bit). But their heightened yelling would say otherwise.

“I’M DYING OVER HERE!” they shriek.

“YOU’VE LEFT ME ALL ALONE!” as their sibling attempt to entertain them during confinement.

“NO ONE LOVES ME!” as they are given treats of donut shaped cereal bits and fruit squeezy packs.

And the favorite, “I WANT OUT!!!!!”

That last one is a winner. “Yes, little bit. We know what YOU want. But WE also want YOU to stay out from under foot, and stay safe.”

A blink. A pause in the baby diatribe.

Then the screaming returns full bore.

I never knew that babies could swear. Such language!


Baby Jail.

It is for this reason that 33 decibel ear plugs are short on stock in our favorite store…

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