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Bliss. One online dictionary reads: “reach a state of perfect happiness, oblivious of everything else.”

That is what state of being header baby is in tonight.

During prayers tonight, he decided to take my little coin purse from me. He then proceeded to bash everyone on the head with it. His next target was the chair upon which he stood. Smiling and giggling the entire time. All the while, pain and suffering surrounded his little self.

Then came the climb down from said chair. Spitting and gurgling happily, he turned backwards and made his descent.

Still oblivious to the danger and destruction he was causing, he began to swing the little coin purse wildly, smacking the chair and any legs within reach with its hard metal clasp. He wildly spit in delight.

He sat down on a box he had climbed on. Not in the middle, mind you, but on the very edge. Swinging wildly again, he was completely ignoring the foot that kept his chubby little body from crashing down onto the floor.


It’s been a long time since any of us could ignore such endangerment to self or others.

Think about how freeing it was to climb to the top of the highest slide…and have mommy come up and get you.

Or how about the time you sped down the driveway and into the street…ignoring the squealing brakes.

How about climbing on the top of a pile of rocks that sat right on the edge of a cliff…forget about falling to your death!

Perhaps the concept of spilling someone else’s drink all over their lap…and watch them jump and run around screaming. Wasn’t that fun?

Pulling the cat’s tail…okay. That one may have to be avoided.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to imitate innocence again.


Okay, maybe not.

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