eviction notice…

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Okay. I don’t know who let these guys into our house. Not even sure who they are. But somewhere along the line, we have ended up with series of individuals who have taken up residence in our living quarters.

How, you may ask, do I know they are here?


Ask any of the kids who broke the glass. The answer comes back, “I DON’T KNOW!”

If a washcloth gets misplaced and we find it a few weeks later full of rotting food from some long ago dinner, it is a logical question to ask who did this. But the answer comes back, “IT WASN’T ME!”

Or how about this one.

Ask for the dishes to be done after meals, and the assignee shouts, “IT’S NOT MY JOB!”

Freshly washed clothes are strewn across the dirty bedroom floor instead of being put away in the correct bin. If asked why it is like this, guess what the answer to THIS one will be? “NOBODY”.

So today, I am formally announcing the eviction of “I DON’T KNOW!”, “IT WASN’T ME!”, “IT’S NOT MY JOB” and “NOBODY” from my house. They are no longer welcome here.

And should they try to return, there will be severe consequences.

One day, hopefully soon, these nasty little leeches will find another house to live in.

For the sake of the children, I hope they find that other family really, really soon….

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