the journey to laughter: final week 5

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Quotes and stories, finding laughter in the midst of life.

Day 29:

I went to an amateur radio festival with some of the grandkids. Being a semi-geek, these things appeal to my geeky side of nature. Two of the kids are interested as well, so they wanted to tag along.

While I was there, I caught up with some friends who were running a booth for our local club. While I was finishing up a conversation with one of the friends, two others were still talking. I heard, “Just fill ’em up. She’ll never know,” and both giggled. I found out a bit later about their devious plot to stuff the kids with candy just before we left. Nice.

Day 30:

Has anyone figured out why babies and little kids make the loudest noise possible in public right when everything gets really quiet? Today at the most solemn moment during service, header baby decided to put his chubby, little hand in his mouth, and, at the top of his little lungs said, “WOOWOOWOOWOO!”, while kicking the pew ahead of us. All eyes began to turn in our direction. Mommy started giggling as she pried the cork out of header baby’s mouth…

Day 31:

I walked into my daughter’s room to say, “Good Night”. When I looked down, header baby was fast asleep, looking as angelic as possible. I say that because, while his silence was angelic, his position was hysterical! His was on his back, arms above his head, bottle sticking straight up out of his mouth. Kind of more like a drunk angel…

Day 32:

“We don’t have any spicy chips,” explained the oldest grandchild repeatedly exasperatingly to her demanding little brother.

“Then I’ll get my OWN chips!” he cried as he defiantly stomped out of the room.

I secretly wished him the best of luck. The chips were kept high on top of the tallest refrigerator.

Day 33:

My son in law was sitting by the little pond in our backyard with one of his little boys. The child was incoherently babbling away, ending with, “And the snake won’t bite me!”

“Huh?” puzzled my son in law. “Why won’t the snake bite you?”

“Because he’s got no mouth!” was the reply.

“Um….why doesn’t he have a mouth?”

“Because I SAT on it!”

Day 34:

Header baby grabbed the big, orange, plastic bucket mommy was using to carry water from the fish tank. Holding it in two chubby hands, he looked like he was drinking from a very large cup. “Look!” I said laughing. “He’s beaten his father’s beer stein by a mile!”

Day 35:

So header baby has learned how to climb. He can climb up stairs. And down stairs. And up ladders. But not so much down ladders – not when there are other things to go for, like cookies and such. The desire to leave such a primo location doesn’t cross his tiny mind.

As I walked into the front room, I saw two chubby little legs disappear over the leg of the couch.

“Uh oh”, said mommy. “Guess what he just learned how to do now…”

I don’t think we have enough hands in this house to keep this one out of trouble…totally not looking forward to his next accomplishment!

So that will end the journey to laughter project. But I will be posting more stories under the Humor category as time goes on. I look forward to sharing our next great adventure!

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