journey to laughter: week four

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Quotes and stories, finding laughter in the midst of life.

As with my journey to health, I decided to write about only 5 weeks of my lifetime journey to laughter. If I haven’t figured out how to see the brighter side of life by then, I’m hopeless!

Day 22:

It was really hard to find humor when everyone was not happy. I wasn’t in the best of moods, either.

Day 23:

My son-in-law was sitting in a cushy rocking chair. The cat was sitting happily on the back. Then he got up. The cat’s eyes grew to the size of saucers as he tried valiantly to hang on for dear life! Rock-rock-rock-SWOOSH!

Day 24:

I was sitting on the back deck, enjoying the beautiful, sunny day. Suddenly from out of the woods came an orange streak. It went through the gate, up my grill cover, and, with poofed tail, ran two more laps through the woods before disappearing. (Cats!)


I totally forgot what was funny today! I know something happened…but my book wasn’t within sight!

Day 26:

Header baby started fussing, and fussing, and fussing…and fussing. His mommy scooped him up chiding him gently. “You didn’t have a good nap, did you, momo?” I yelled back, “I DIDN”T TAKE ONE!”

My daughter stopped. “Well,” she said, “unless your name is ‘momo’, I wasn’t talking to you!”

I replied, “But that IS my nickname! And it has been for years!”

Maybe I need a nap…

On another note, my son-in-law was sitting between two of his children. One innocently asked out of nowhere, “Are you going to catch children?” The other replied, “Yes! We’re going to catch them and EAT them!” The first one responded with a little booming voice, “I AM A GOD!”

He said he didn’t realize he was sitting between a cannibal and a god…

Day 27:

Header baby has a new name: Scooter. As mommy was trying to catch the spool of thread he’d grabbed from the bin, he was happily scooting away from her using the spool as his getaway vehicle. Scooter.

Later in the day, I looked out the window of my office to see a little tow-headed boy “fishing” in our rain filled muddy pond complete with diaper on his head. Creative!

As we were settling in for evening prayers, header baby, aka Scooter, was hauling himself around the edge of the couch cushions. His older brother was having a tantrum and was hiding his head against the back of the couch. Suddenly, we heard giggling from the back couch cushion. Scooter had taken his chubby little fingers and was tracing the outlines of the designs on his brother’s diaper.


I walked out of my office into the kitchen this morning. Sitting happily in his high chair was Scooter. He had food hanging out of his mouth, and was “hmm-hmmm”ing happily. On his head was a sticker that read, “I am the way, the Truth, and the Light…” Ironic.

Until next week!

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