I don’t care…

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That been my motto for a long time. “I don’t care.”

And I don’t…

I don’t care what your opinion is about me. I am secure in how I was made.

I don’t care if you don’t like me. I know I am loved by One greater that you.

I don’t care if everything is taken away. It’s happened before. I trust that the One Who allowed that to happen knows what is best for me. And maybe it’s to lose everything.

So don’t come after me because I don’t fit into the lens of your rose colored glasses. I’m not you. And I never will be.

I don’t fit into your societal standards. I’ll never fit into what is considered “normal”. I won’t become someone you think I should be because you say so.

I cannot change who I am. You can’t either. We are made to be who we are, as we are designed. And no person will change that fact.

What I can change…

I can change how I approach others.

I can change how I view life, my perspective, my paradigm.

I can let go and stop trying to control everything.

I can stop worrying about tomorrow. Today has enough to keep me preoccupied.

I can stop thinking that the world is coming to an end because the news says so. The end of MY world may happen sooner or later than their timeline.

I can change my attitude.

I can stop thinking about myself and thinking more about others.

I can stop buying stuff for me and start giving to those in need.

I can care more, love more, live more fully.

And so can you.

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